Ossie Explains the History and Design of DC Solderless

February 21, 2017

Recently Ossie recorded a couple of videos to explain how we came up with the idea and design of our DC Solderless system. He also shows you how easy it is to put together. Check it out!!

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Pedalboard Pedigree

December 06, 2016

You may be wondering why an amp company designed a DC Solderless connector for pedals and pedalboards? The easy answer is we saw a need for such a connector from our experience in building and wiring pedalboards (we're pedal guys). So how much experience do I personally have in building and wiring pedalboards? Quite a lot actually, here’s some history. FXperts Custom Pedalboards (tolexed/carpeted in the living room of my apartment) When I played in a semi-popular regional touring band in the late 80’s, I designed a carpeted pedalboard with a lift-off lid as there was no available version to buy. A few bands we played with saw my board and inquired about getting their own, so for a few years...

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