DC Solderless

DC Pedal Power Cables are now Solderless!!

Guitar players such as yourself have been using solderless 1/4” audio cables on your pedalboards for years. Hell, we have solderless cables from the 80’s that we still use! So when Greg was building a new pedalboard for himself (for once) in 2015 and was soldering up some custom DC power cables, it dawned on him that if he could use solderless DC plugs, his board would go together faster and be neater at the same time. So he and Ossie built a prototype of a 2.1mm DC solderless plug and designed a custom coaxial cable to use with it. No one else is doing this, and we have filed for a patent on the idea. Check out our Pedal Pedigree.

So here it is, a 2.1mm DC solderless plug, which you can use as a straight plug or a right angle (90º) along with our custom made cable. Free yourself from the currently offered untidy plastic DC plugs and cable, and make your own cut to length DC power cables for your pedalboard. Watch how easy they are to assemble here.

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 Can be used with your Voodoo Lab Pedal Power and ISO 5, Strymon Zuma and Ojai, MXR DC Brick and Iso-Brick, T-Rex Fuel Tank, Pedaltrain Powertrain, Walrus Audio Aetos and Phoenix, Pigtronix Power, Truetone 1 Spot Pro, and other popular effects power supply units that use 2.1mm center negative plugs/jacks.

Made in the USA.  

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