Rogers Project Completion

July 13, 2015

The amp has been completed and has now been under testing for a few days… It has surpassed my expectations. Finished specs :2x 5881 output tubes3x ECC83 preamp tubes5F6A circuit with a few tweaks Celestion Creamback Alnico 12" speakerStandard 3 Monkeys 1-12 ORG combo cabPresence, Middle, Bass, Treble, Vol 1, Vol 2 , 2 inputs per channel, 2 channelsBlack levant coveringWhite Acoustone grillcloth I am pleased.  

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Rogers Project Main Board

July 11, 2015

Board is now in and wired… Ok ……….extra bonus points to anyone who finds what may be "out of sorts"… I know we have some tech minded individuals here… Where is waldo???? Go to our Facebook Page for the discussion.

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